Why do we need private Blockchains?

As Bitcoin has passed its zenith and is being regulated into absurdity we are starting to realize how valuable the underlying technology of Bitcoin really is. Imagine being able to book flights or do shopping online, but without requiring a burdensome and complicated decentralized system and that troubling image in your head of stealing the lunch of an old white male banker in his penthouse that he so rightfully deserves.

While myBlockchain might look like a cheap and shameless fork of some other popular software we would like to remind you that non-consensual and unscheduled forks have a long history in private blockchains, and we are proud to build on top of that.

For more information on our innovative blockchain technology please read through our whitepaper or browse our FAQ.

Private Blockchains in the press

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Run myBlockchain

Are you ready for FinTech? Are you ready for exposing yourself to cutting edge technology without spending time to understand how it works? Are you ready for flashing fancy new business cards at congresses, luncheons and breakfast briefings, with pre- and postfixes like bit, crypto, chain, coin, satoshi or block?

myBlockchain is available for free, because we know you will pay us a lot of money to run it for you anyway. Compliance!

Start your own blockchain with the following simple command:

  id INT,
  previous_block_id INT
) TYPE=innodb;

Don't forget to generate the Genesis block! Everyone can feel like Satoshi in the private Blockchain world!

INSERT INTO blocks (id, previous_block_id) VALUES (42, NULL);

Now you are free to create your own transactions, make coins appear out of thin air, send them to yourself or your friends, censor the transactions of your competitors and collect transaction fees that are actually worth your time.

Wondering what da FAQ is going on? So are we! Check out our FAQ!

Every crypto project needs a whitepaper.