Do you own a financial services company? Wish you did?

Excellent! We’ve got the perfect FinTech and FinTech consultants for you. They’ll get you up and running with the latest in private blockchain technology before you can even say “Request for Proposal, Purchase Order, Requisition” ten times fast. After you pay of course.

A lot. And in advance. Far in advance. Like you-shoulda-already-paid-last-month advance. WHERE DA FAQ IS OUR MONEY?

Where exactly are these FinTech consultants?

Thanks for asking. You didn’t think we would just tell you, now did you? You’ll need to get in touch.

How do I get in touch?

I’m glad to see you’ve finally learned how to properly ask questions. This isn’t the FAQ, though, so feel free to use other sentence structures.

We were going to create a contact form but that seemed like excessive effort for what isn’t really a very funny joke.

Instead, tweet us1 your RFPs or how you plan to use your very own private blockchain to shift some paradigms or revolutionize your side of the box.

Remember, your blockchain is myBlockchain and it’s private!

  1. Tweet to @larrysalibra or @LeoAW